How to Hire a Landscape Contractor

Landscape Contractors, Pittsburgh, PA From detailed designs to installation, every project involves multiple phases demanding expertise and careful execution. Whether crafting stunning hardscape features or curating lush greenery, each aspect necessitates thorough planning, selection, and skillful installation to achieve the desired transformative effect on outdoor spaces.

At Rolling Hills Landscape Inc., we approach each project systematically, ensuring the proper planning and installation of all the elements, features, and structures. We like to inform our clients about our best work practices and what you can expect from us.

Your choice of landscaping contractor can make or break your project. Here are some questions and pointers to consider when hiring a landscaping contractor.

How did you hear about this landscape contractor?: Understanding how you discovered the landscape contractor is pivotal. It's crucial to discern whether the recommendation stems from mere hearsay or if the source has firsthand experience with the contractor's services. Recommendations based on direct engagement offer deeper insights into the contractor's reliability, work quality, and professionalism. Assessing if the referral is rooted in personal experiences helps you gauge the contractor's performance and ability to deliver satisfactory results, ensuring a more informed decision in selecting the right hardscaping professional for your project.

How long have they been in business?: Understanding the duration of their establishment is crucial. Statistics from the Small Business Administration reveal that approximately 80 percent of businesses in this sector cease operations within five years. Thus, a company surpassing this milestone generally signifies stability, potentially making it a suitable choice for engagement. It's essential to differentiate between confidence and competence. While newcomers might exude confidence, assessing their skillset against this confidence is pivotal. Evaluating whether they possess the necessary competencies to meet your project's expectations and industry standards is fundamental in making an informed decision regarding their suitability for your landscaping needs.

How did they learn their trade or craft?: Assessing how they acquired their expertise is fundamental. Understanding whether they obtained knowledge through mentorship, formal education, or specialized training in landscaping is crucial. Did they undergo training at a reputable trade school or actively participate in vendor seminars hosted by industry associations? This insight provides valuable understanding into their depth of knowledge, skill acquisition, and commitment to staying abreast of industry trends. Knowing their learning pathway aids in gauging their proficiency, ensuring they possess the requisite expertise to meet the demands and complexities of your hardscaping project with competence and innovation.

Do they have the required licenses?: You must verify the necessary licenses to ensure they comply with the PA Home Improvement Consumer Protection Act. The statute mandates that contractors operating within Pennsylvania must be officially registered with the state. Additionally, they must maintain written contracts, adhering to specific regulations outlined in the Act. Ensuring that the contractor holds the requisite licenses guarantees adherence to legal requirements but also assures their credibility, professionalism, and commitment to conducting business ethically and by industry standards, safeguarding your interests throughout the project.

Will they use the correct materials for the job?: Appropriate materials tailored to specific landscaping applications matter for optimal project outcomes. An adept landscaping contractor comprehends the nuanced selection of materials required for distinct tasks. Their expertise enables the discernment of materials best suited for various elements such as patios, walkways, or retaining walls. Understanding the diverse properties of materials like stone, concrete, or pavers allows for informed choices and ensures durability, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. When you trust an experienced contractor's proficiency in material selection, it ensures the use of high-quality resources, aligning with project requirements and upholding industry standards, guaranteeing a resilient and visually appealing landscape design.

Do they use the right equipment and tools for the job?: You must also assess the contractor's equipment proficiency. Beyond manual tools, the incorporation of mechanized equipment, when viable, enhances accuracy and expedites project completion. Mechanisms like triaxels or specialized machinery optimize crew efficiency, particularly in sizeable projects. Such equipment streamlines tasks and ensures precision and adherence to timelines. Evaluate their utilization of suitable tools and machinery, indicating the contractor's commitment to efficiency and quality. It underscores their ability to leverage technology, enhancing workforce productivity and ultimately facilitating the on-time delivery of a meticulously executed landscaping project.

Perform a background check: You should vet the landscaping contractor's credibility by conducting a thorough background. Utilizing tools like PAedocket and Angie's List offers insights into the company owner's background. However, it's crucial to note that these platforms focus on the company owner rather than onsite workers. Additionally, requesting the contractor's previous project examples and client references allows for a comprehensive assessment. Engaging with former clients helps you gauge the contractor's professionalism, communication proficiency, and ability to maintain project continuity seamlessly. Evaluating client experiences, level of satisfaction, and willingness to rehire providers are all valuable indicators of the contractor's reliability and performance standards.

Does the contractor pay their vendors on time?: The client may become liable for material payments in Pennsylvania if the contractor defaults. Thus, if you've promptly paid the contractor, verifying that the vendors supplying materials for your project are also receiving timely payments is crucial. This oversight safeguards against potential disruptions or legal complications, preventing situations where clients might have to cover outstanding material costs due to the contractor's default. Assessing the contractor's consistent and timely payments to vendors affirms their financial reliability and integrity, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted progression of your outdoor living project.

Do they have the right insurance?: You must check whether the landscaping contractor has adequate insurance coverage. While general liability insurance is essential, the state's minimum coverage might not suffice for comprehensive protection. Assessing if the contractor holds sufficient coverage beyond the minimum requirements is prudent. It is equally important to confirm workers' compensation insurance and recognize that company owners may not be covered under workers' comp, potentially raising concerns if they sustain injuries onsite. Therefore, you must clarify who assumes responsibility in such situations as it can help prevent any financial or legal implications.

Do you like the contractor?: The personal rapport with your chosen landscaping contractor significantly impacts project dynamics, and meeting technical criteria is not sufficient. You also need to like the contractor, and there needs to be a harmonious relationship to collaborate throughout the project. Trust your instincts; if something feels amiss, it might impact communication or project flow. Assess their integrity, professionalism, and alignment with your values as they contribute to a positive working environment. A contractor-client relationship based on mutual respect and understanding fosters effective communication and problem-solving.

Keeping all these aspects in mind and asking the right questions of the right people can help reduce the chances of things going awry during your project.

Work With a Proven Landscaping Contractor

At Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc., we prioritize our clients' interests at every phase. We are experienced, skilled, certified, well trained, and have all the necessary licenses and insurance. When you work with us, you know that you are working with a credible landscaping contractor who will ensure your project's quality, cost, and timely completion.

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