Custom Stone Firepits, Pittsburgh, PA

Features are items that can be used to enhance a project or sometimes be installed as a stand-alone feature. Features are usually fairly simple to add on to a project if planned from the beginning stages. The biggest thing to know about these features is planning.

For example, many times it would be a simple addition to add a pre-built stone fireplace. Really all that it takes is some very basic preparation work in the form of a small footer and then placing them the units with a machine. This becomes much more difficult if there is no longer machine access. So, if you want something like this later, it would be important to not block access with a patio, wall, or other structure. There are certainly some pavers that would tolerate a machine driving over them and some that would not. So, this would play a factor as well. It is better to plan this out, rather than rush into this.

-John A. Linder, Your ‘Featured’ Writer of the Fairly Obvious

The outdoor areas of your property will have various elements and structures, some with a practical purpose while others are purely cosmetic. Every feature added to a yard or landscape must add value in some way, and we always keep this in view while working on any project. At Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc., we work on all projects, including building outdoor living spaces from scratch and helping with renovations and upgrades.

Our company has handled many projects for clients in and around Pittsburgh, PA, and we have a solid customer base here. We can design, plan, and install all outdoor elements, including some unique hardscaping touches such as firepits, grill islands, stone mailboxes, seat walls, and pillars. We have the expertise, skills, and experience to turn even the most basic yards into something unique and fantastic. We design and construct various outdoor features such as the following:


Pillars are genuine accent pieces and a great way to add a special touch to a home's outdoor spaces. We design and construct pillars for applications such as:

  • Entranceway Pillars - Adding a pair of custom-designed pillars to your home's entrance space can add charm and drama to the property.

  • Deck and Peripheral Pillars - Give your decking a personal touch by constructing a few creatively designed pillars. You can use these structures as supports for your deck railings if needed.

  • Fence Pillars - Corner posts or perimeter fencing are examples of fence pillars. They serve a specific function while adding a distinctive touch to your poolscape.

  • Gate Pillars - If you have an impressive gate leading to your driveway and want to add a creative touch to its structure, frame it with custom-designed pillars.

In pillar construction, we use various materials, including masonry, brick, natural stone, and modular concrete blocks.


A firepit is an excellent addition to a backyard; you can place it in the yard or on the patio or deck. We can construct the fire pit from concrete, brick, or stone materials. Our designers consider your homes and landscape’s design, recommending materials that look great in the outdoor spaces. Besides the type of veneers used to clad the exterior, we recommend using fire-resistant materials in these structures. Choose river rock, sandstone, or flagstone, for a natural installation style for a more organic aesthetic.

Fuel is another aspect to consider. We plan and install the gas line extending to the fire pit if you prefer using natural gas. You can also opt for a propane-fueled feature and use a gas starter. Our experts will help you identify the best location for your firepit and help you with material selections so that the feature blends perfectly with your yard.

Seat Walls

Most of our clients want to make their yard or landscaping more functional and installing seat walls is a great way to do this. Although providing a seating space is their primary function, we are specialists in creating unique seating-integrated walls. They are an excellent choice for several reasons:

  • Look appealing
  • They serve the dual functions of supporting the landscape around them and creating seating areas in the areas where they are built.
  • You can use them to create beautiful fire feature areas.
  • Optimal utilization of space
  • The walls add to the structure's overall strength since they are stronger at the base.
  • They can provide sitting without taking up valuable floor space and can be integrated into alfresco areas.

You can see that installing sitting walls in your yard has many benefits. They will be created per your specifications and can be styled and built to match the other elements' aesthetic.

Grill Island

You must incorporate certain elements, such as grill islands if you enjoy outdoor life and want to create visually pleasing and useful settings. These can work well as the centerpieces for your outdoor design. While some elements are quite simple, others resemble elaborate outdoor kitchens, others are scalable, letting you add parts as you go. For many homeowners, this characteristic of scalability is advantageous. Additional features of several barbecue islands include:

  • Integrated grills
  • Radiators on the side
  • Various storage options

You can select elements that appeal to you the most based on your arrangement. In certain models, you can also choose the type of veneer for the countertop and base. Of course, not every style is as versatile, so you must select carefully based on your demands now and in the future. We will be by your side the entire time, helping you choose the ideal components for your grill island.

Stone Mailboxes

Everyone needs a good mailbox, so why not make it interesting and unique! Get a Stone Mailbox that provides functionality while adding curb appeal. Our custom stone mailboxes are durable and attractive, and we have the expertise to design and install custom stone mailboxes. We know that each property is unique and that you will want your stone mailbox to add to your property's esthetic. We always ensure that the stone selection and styling complement your home. Our custom stone mailboxes have various unique features such as:

  • Fast installation so there is no disruption in receiving mail
  • We install a removable mailbox, so there is no damage to the surrounding stone column in case you need to replace the former component
  • Natural Stone Caps
  • Straightforward Installation Technique

Call us for a quick yet dramatic curb appeal improvement if you are ready for a custom stone mailbox.

Custom-Designed Hardscaping Features

Regardless of the elements you want, we use the best materials and construction techniques to ensure their aesthetics, stability, and durability. When we design these elements, we focus on blending their style with other structures and features on the property. The team carefully chooses the materials and plans everything, including size, shape, and placement, with attention to detail. The result is practical, comfortable, and functional outdoor living features that enhance your property's value and curb appeal.

Creating stunning yards and landscapes is our specialty, and our focused approach adds a unique touch to everything we do. No matter how big or small the job, we are here to help you create great outdoor spaces. We design customized hardscaping features to ensure our clients get outstanding services within their budgets. For more details, please call Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc. via this Online Form or call us at 412-885-7049 to speak with one of our team members.