Outdoor Masonry

Outdoor Masonry, Pittsburgh, PA Outdoor masonry features are not just durable and functional, they are the epitome of timeless beauty. They blend form and function to create outdoor living areas that are not only practical but also visually captivating. However, to truly unlock the full potential of these enduring elements, precise design and expert installation are not just important, they are essential. This is a task that is best entrusted to professionals with a proven track record of masonry excellence.

At Rolling Hills Landscape Inc., we bring our extensive expertise and proven track record of masonry excellence to every project. We are committed to providing our clients in Greater Pittsburgh and surrounding areas with unparalleled outdoor masonry services, handling residential and commercial projects of all shapes and sizes.

Custom Designed Masonry Elements

Our approach is centered around your unique vision and property's needs. We design customized installations, offering the creativity to design and install masonry elements in various styles. Whether you prefer rustic, classic-looking structures, or sleek, modernistic features, we can bring your vision to life.

Our team helps you select materials, including natural stone or brick. We offer intricate patterning and detailing. We consider and execute every aspect precisely, so the result is stunning and meets your needs. We install natural stone, concrete, and brick features per your needs.

Range of Outdoor Masonry Features

We design and plan various outdoor masonry installations, designed with functionality and longevity in mind, such as:

  • Patio and Walkway Elements - One of the most popular masonry applications is for outdoor living areas like patios and walkways. Brick paver patios offer a classic look, while flagstone patios provide a more rustic, natural aesthetic. For walkways, concrete pavers and natural stone are durable and attractive options to connect different landscape areas.

  • Retaining Wall Systems - These structures are often a necessary masonry element for level planters, raised patios, or preventing erosion on slopes. Segmental block retaining wall systems allow for curved designs with built-in gravel grids. Natural stone retaining walls give an earthy, timeless appearance. Veneered retaining walls provide the look of stacked stone at a lower cost.

  • Outdoor Fire Features - No outdoor living area is complete without an inviting fire feature. Masonry fireplaces and brick or stone fire pits are lovely for ambient lighting and keeping cozy on cool nights. Masonry fire pit kits offer a more affordable DIY option.

  • Outdoor Kitchen Elements - For those who love outdoor cooking and dining, masonry kitchen islands, brick, or stone grill surrounds, and even masonry pizza ovens create a true backyard oasis. These functional kitchen elements double as stylish hardscaping.

  • Steps and Stairs - Natural stone steps lend rustic charm to landscape transitions, while brick or concrete steps offer a more refined look. Masonry step veneers can also update existing stairs with the look of stone or brick.

  • Pillars, Columns, and Facades - Architectural masonry pillars, columns, and veneered facades introduce stately character and old-world ambiance. Brick pillars, stone veneer columns, and decorative pilasters help define outdoor rooms and elevate the overall aesthetic.

  • Masonry Veneers - Masonry veneers, such as stone and thin brick, can be applied to a variety of vertical surfaces to introduce texture and natural beauty. Masonry stucco veneers are also popular for a smooth yet durable finish.

  • We work hard to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied with our services. Our consistent quality and service levels have earned us our reputation as a leading provider of outdoor masonry services. For information about our gravity retaining wall installations, please write to the Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc. team through this Contact Us Form or call us at 412-885-7049.
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