Retaining Walls in Pittsburgh, PA

Retaining Walls, Pittsburgh, PA

There are times when the land in the outdoor spaces of your property has too many slopes. While you may want to retain some of these sloping areas to add some contours to the landscape, too much of sloping ground can become a hindrance when it comes to installing outdoor living features. Some portion of the slope may need to be excavated and the land will have to be graded to provide a stable and solid base for the structures.

When you dig up some portion of the slopes you also need to provide some form of support to the exposed faces to prevent soil erosion and mudslides. This is where retaining walls come into the picture. We at Rolling Hills Landscapes, Inc, have handled numerous retaining wall construction projects for property owners in Pittsburgh, PA, and surrounding areas.

What Are Retaining Walls?

  • As mentioned earlier these walls are specifically built to provide support to the dugout portions of sloping land or graded outdoor spaces.
  • They are specially engineered to perform this job and are quite different from regular boundary walls or garden walls.
  • Retaining walls are constructed using concrete masonry units and these modular blocks can be used to build walls of any height and length.
  • In some cases, retaining walls may be built using natural stone, concrete and bricks as well. But these are more expensive as the material and labor costs are higher.
  • If you find the concrete surfaces to be very dull and drab, you can choose to get brick or stone veneer applied to these surfaces. This improves the aesthetic of the structure at a very economical cost.

Custom Retaining Wall Design

Retaining walls can also serve a dual purpose; if required we can incorporate seating in the design of the structure when you need them built adjacent to an outdoor kitchen, patio, deck or even a fireplace or fire pit area. We can also design garden retaining walls with planters in built in them.

As landscaping experts with years of experience behind us, we have the knowledge, skill, and the resources to build custom retaining walls that will add to the integrity and beauty of your landscape. We source the CMUs and other materials from the most reliable suppliers and expert stone masons handle the retaining wall construction. If you need retaining walls built in an existing landscape, we can do that too and will ensure the structure is planned, designed, and built very well.

When you won’t compromise on the quality of your landscape installations, the only company you need to call is Rolling Hills Landscapes, Inc. We are focused on providing high-grade services at extremely competitive retaining wall and paver installation costs. Feel free to call us at 412-885-7049 and discuss your requirements with our experts. You can also contact us and send project details via the Contact Us form on our website and we will call you back.