Outdoor Barbecues

Outdoor Barbecues, Pittsburgh, PA Expanding the living area of your home by developing and installing any outdoor amenities is a great idea. The kitchen is the heart of the house, so moving it outside lets you and your family better use the backyard. You'll find it's the perfect spot for guests and leisure time with family and friends.

Custom Outdoor Barbeque Designs

However, you can include several elements and features—some of which can also be reasonably priced—and design trends change frequently. Many homeowners will install the barbecue first before anything else because it is one of the most well-liked additions to a yard.

Rolling Hills Landscape, Inc. provides clients in Greater Pittsburgh and Surrounding Cities with high-quality outdoor grills. Many of our clients want these elements installed in their patios or outdoor kitchens, and we plan every detail of the design and installation of your outdoor barbecue.

Our business offers individualized services, and we work methodically to provide our customers with excellent outdoor barbecue design and installation services. This feature can be added to an existing outdoor kitchen in your yard or included in a brand-new outdoor kitchen installation. Regardless of the task size, our team is here to help.

Outdoor BBQ Design Factors

With our years of experience, we understand the demand for customization and will perfectly design your BBQ. The following things should be considered when choosing outdoor grills:

  • Select a piece that stands independently or is built into your outdoor kitchen countertop. When we plan the space, we'll advise you on how to consider this. Furthermore, you could add accessories like pizza trays and roasting pans for enhanced functionality.

  • The design will also hinge on the type of fuel that you intend to use for the BBQ. If you choose natural gas, we need to know in advance because we will need to ensure that the gas line piping extends from the house. If you've decided to use propane, we'll need to ensure the tank has enough room in the open kitchen.

  • Choosing the size of the barbecue is another crucial decision that our experts can help you with. Space is an essential factor to consider while building an outdoor kitchen. We ensure sufficient room for countertops and seating while maintaining a good movement flow. As you can see, there are several aspects and details to keep in view while installing outdoor BBQs.

Cost-Effective Outdoor Barbecues

You can count on us to deliver the required services, regardless of how straightforward or complicated your request may be. It's better to work with seasoned professionals like us; as mentioned earlier, there are innumerable factors to consider when planning your barbecue installation. We prioritize customization and make sure you get the most for your money. When installing these elements in your yard, we also ensure that the design, styling, and materials complement your outdoor spaces and their features and structures.

For information about our outdoor barbeques, please write to Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc. through this Contact Us Form or call our experts at 412-885-7049 and discuss your requirements with them.