Step Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Mortared natural stone steps

This category is fairly straight forward, but is also sometimes curved. (See what I did there)

There are only three kinds of steps that we install in house. Well, actually at your house. (Can’t stop me now).

The 1st is large precast steps. They come in either 36” or 48”. They typically have a rise (how tall) of 7” and a run (how far back) that can vary between 10”-18”. Due to their massive individual weight, they must be set with a machine. These are best suited for situations where there will be retaining walls on either side. However, they can be used as helical stairs (it’s ok, I had to look it up also)

The 2nd and most versatile and most popular steps are using precast retaining wall block and caps. These can be built to any width desired. They can be inset or can have one or both sides exposed. These are installed with a standard rise of 6” and a run of 12”. These are very comfortable to walk up if you have quite a few steps.

The 3rd option is to use a natural stone. These are typically the costliest due in part to the added amount of labor, but primarily purchasing new natural material is often the largest factor in the price.

-John A. Linder, Step Setter to the Stars