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The design and planning of various features in your landscape play a pivotal role in how well-balanced and aesthetically appealing these spaces will be. Outdoor spaces can have many different features and elements, including steps. Depending on the layout and topography of the lot, these may be needed to move from one area to another. Outdoor steps could be a requirement in terraced landscapes as well or to move from patios and decks into the garden.

Steps can enhance the appeal of your landscape and add a distinctive touch to it. You can choose from different shapes and colors, styles, and textures, so you have a stunning and unique landscape. Our experts can provide you with all the information you need about the different types of paver stones and what their characteristics and qualities are. If you are looking for high-grade, customized steps design and installation services, you need the expertise and experience that we at Rolling Hills Landscapes bring to the table. We are committed to providing superior services to clients in greater greater Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, Monroeville and the surrounding cities.

Custom Step Installation Services

This category is fairly straight forward, but is also sometimes curved. (See what I did there).

There are only three kinds of steps that we install in house. Well, actually at your house. (Can’t stop me now).

  • The 1st is large precast steps. They come in either 36” or 48”. They typically have a rise (how tall) of 7” and a run (how far back) that can vary between 10”-18”. Due to their massive individual weight, they must be set with a machine. These are best suited for situations where there will be retaining walls on either side. However, they can be used as helical stairs (it’s ok, I had to look it up also)
  • The 2nd and most versatile and most popular steps are using precast retaining wall block and caps. These can be built to any width desired. They can be inset or can have one or both sides exposed. These are installed with a standard rise of 6” and a run of 12”. These are very comfortable to walk up if you have quite a few steps.
  • The 3rd option is to use a natural stone. These are typically the costliest due in part to the added amount of labor, but primarily purchasing new natural material is often the largest factor in the price.
  • - professional opinion by John A. Linder, Step Setter to the Stars

    Cost-Effective Steps Services

    Every feature that we design will be as per plan and design, constructed using high-quality materials that you have approved. Whether you want your new steps made of natural stone, brick or concrete, we are here to help. We have a vast experience in this industry and focus on providing our clients value for money.

    Creating a cohesive and seamless look in the outdoor spaces involves significant planning and knowledge about different materials. Regardless of the type of specially engineered walls or steps you require, you would need the services of experienced and knowledgeable hardscaping contractors for the job. We will build the features in line with industry standards and complete the job to your 100% satisfaction.

    For any more information on our paved stair design and build services, feel free to contact us on this number - 412-885-7049, or send us your details through this Online Form. Our team is here to help with a free consultation and estimates.

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