Outdoor Living, Pittsburgh, PA One of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania's most respected hardscaping companies, Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc., serves residential and business clients. We are renowned for our distinctive and valued outdoor living structures that are both inventive and high-quality. We go above and above to give our customers unique experiences, which distinguishes us from other businesses in the industry. We ensure that you receive value every time you work with us by striking the ideal balance between dependability, exceptional quality, and cost. Our specialists can help you create brand-new outdoor living areas from the ground up or add a few components to an already-existing place. We plan and install outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, pits, barbeques, and more.

To improve the aesthetics of your backyard space, they will assist with material selection, wall construction, and paver installation. Our all-encompassing strategy ensures that the exterior components of your business or home are practical, long-lasting, and straightforward to maintain. Our knowledge includes installing different masonry and hardscaping components and all other aspects of design, layout, and implementation. We provide our clients with the outdoor living services listed below.

Outdoor Kitchens

Any home would benefit from having an outdoor kitchen; it expands the interior living area and gives your property a clean, uncluttered appearance. Additionally, you can entertain friends and throw parties there or relax with family on weekends. You are unlikely to look for relaxation elsewhere when your home has such a great open space. We are a professional hardscaping business with talented staff who can create fantastic outdoor kitchen ideas for you.

We design these to complement your property's architectural elements. We create beautiful outdoor kitchens, but we also understand that you need them to be useful. The team builds magnificent outdoor spaces that significantly increase the value of your house by combining our creativity, material expertise, and innovative installation methods. We guarantee quick project completion in addition to providing exceptional customer service so that you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor kitchen as soon as possible. Read More About Outdoor Kitchens >>

Outdoor Fireplaces

A fire feature is a popular addition to a backyard; you can use your outdoor areas all year long if it has a fire feature. We ensure the longevity of your fireplace with a well-planned and constructed element made of high-quality materials. You can be sure that we will create a fireplace with exquisite aesthetics that will serve as the focal point of your backyard. For your outdoor fireplace, you can opt for brick or natural stones like bluestone, granite, slate, and limestone. We can cover concrete with a veneer of stone to create a unique element that complements the architectural features of your garden and home. Our experts work to provide durable amenities that will last for many years while also presenting you and your guests with a suitable backdrop for thoroughly enjoying your yard space. The team will construct the fireplace and seating spaces in the proper location and layout. We provide our customers with exceptional value and innovative hardscaping solutions. Read More About Outdoor Fireplaces >>

Outdoor Firepits

Consider installing a custom fire pit if you want to use your yard all year long. These components give your yard a relaxed vibe, converting it into a tranquil haven. Most of our customers are particular and request that we customize these elements to their requirements. We consider your preferences and draw on our skills to design and construct the ideal outdoor brick fireplaces for your property. While aesthetics is important to us, we also ensure that your fire feature style blends in with the outdoor décor on your property and its surroundings. Brick, stone, and masonry can be used in the construction, and occasionally we'll even wrap concrete areas in stone veneer. We work closely with you to determine your objectives before creating solutions to help you reach them. Our fire pit designs are stunning and the perfect final addition for any backyard. Read More About Outdoor Firepits >>

Outdoor Barbecues

Many homeowners prioritize a barbecue over other elements in a yard or patio kitchen. We supply clients all around the region with premium outdoor BBQs, and our team manages every aspect of the design and construction of your backyard BBQ. They will ensure the component fits snugly into your kitchen or on a patio or deck. Our experts will advise you on the countless available brands and products, helping you make an informed decision.

They will provide planning and design assistance to ensure your BBQ fits comfortably on the countertop or outdoor kitchen island. Our business strongly emphasizes providing individualized services, and we'll work hard to deliver top-notch outdoor barbeque design and construction solutions. You can add this component to an existing outdoor kitchen or integrate it into a brand-new outdoor kitchen design. Regardless of how big or small the task is, we are here to help. Read More About Outdoor Barbecues >>

Barbecue Islands

Barbecue islands are frequently one of the first components homeowners install in their outdoor living spaces after outdoor kitchens and patios. We design and build BBQ islands of superior quality for our clients. Your preferences will determine whether we build the feature entirely out of granite, masonry, or brick. Stone veneers are frequently used to surround concrete BBQ surround elements. As part of the design process for the BBQ, our design team will work closely with you. You can include this feature while building a new outdoor kitchen or extending an existing one. No matter the size, we can help you with your BBQ island project. When we construct the layout, we will assist you in determining this, and you are free to add extras like roasting pans and pizza plates. Our main goal is to design and construct unique, premium outdoor components within your budget. Read More About Barbecue Islands >>

We keep the client's budget in mind while offering outdoor living solutions. Our workforce is informed and accommodating, always willing to provide suggestions and views on products, components, and designs. We promise you the best services at fair prices no matter how big or small the job. We possess the knowledge and expertise to offer you professional hardscape design and build solutions. You can obtain all these services from us under one roof. Our dedication to top-notch artistry, premium materials, and cutting-edge work methods provides our customers with excellent value. We offer our clients customized services as one of the area's most preferred businesses.

Our business provides the best outdoor living selections, ensuring that our customers receive first-rate solutions within their budgets. For more details, please call Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc. via this Online Form or call us at 412-885-7049 to speak with one of our team members.