Paver Services in Pittsburgh, PA

Laying pavers at Lincoln Way Supplys Unilock display

The benefits of pavers (at least as I see it😊).

In my opinion the best material that can be used for an outdoor project would be, properly installed pavers.

Pavers are typically cast with at least triple the strength of poured in place concrete. If would ever happen to be damage to pavers, the damaged paver(s) can simply be removed and replaced. The useful life is measured in decades for pavers opposed to only years for concrete.

Paver installation also fits my disposition well. Concrete is more of a ‘hurry up and wait’ situation while paver jobs are more ‘slow and steady’ approach. With pavers you have all the time you need to get them right. I love that the weather has much less impact on a paver installation project. Once the base is in, the rain has very little effect, whereas a pop-up rainstorm at the wrong time on a concrete project can ruin the entire job.

Pavers are truth tellers. If the base underneath them is not prepared properly settling will most likely occur. Concrete on the other hand has some bridging strength that can hide improper base installation for a while longer. But even concrete can’t fight gravity very long until it succumbs to what lies beneath.

Cracks are to be expected in poured in place concrete. There’s no avoiding it altogether. The industry tries to mitigate these with ‘control joints’. These are lines made with hand tools or saws that in essence cut a line in the top 1/2” or so of the concrete. These are places where the concrete contractor is hoping for the concrete to crack. This often leads to very unsightly lines running through the middle of the project.

Pavers on the other hand are miniature slabs that by the nature of their design do not need control joints. Everywhere a paver touches another paver becomes its own control joint. So, this virtually eliminates any possible cracking. In the unlikely event of a paver developing a crack, it can simply be extracted and replaced.

There is no remediation for poured in place concrete that has cracked. Any attempts to fix it will never cure the underlying problem and will be an eyesore at best.

-John A. Linder, Passionate Paver Put’r Down’r