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Driveway Pavers, Monroeville, PA Your driveway receives significant traffic because you likely use it frequently, and it's also the prominent feature people see when they arrive at your home. A well-designed home or business paver driveway may heighten anticipation and leave a lasting impression on visitors and guests. This surface can be both aesthetically pleasing, functional, and durable.

Rolling Hills Landscape Inc. is pleased to have many loyal customers in and around Pittsburgh, PA, and we work on all projects with the same level of dedication and professionalism.

We install high-quality driveway pavers for both business and residential customers. Some property owners wish to add magnificence and excitement to the entrance of their house by creating sweeping driveways. Others like straight, modern, or contemporary-styled driveways, and we can assist you to find the ideal alternatives.

Factors Affecting Driveway Design

When designing driveways, there are numerous elements to consider, including:

  • The available space determines driveway dimensions on your premises and the width you select for this element.
  • Additionally, you may need to study the landscape. A steep slope, uneven terrain, and boulders or trees may all affect the structure's design.
  • When constructing a driveway, the choice of paving material is always crucial.
  • Consider whether you want a grand entrance to your home or something more modest.
  • Additionally, your garage's position may affect your driveway's design.
  • Our professionals will assist you with all the necessary aspects and offer their opinion and suggestions for the optimal driveway paver layout and arrangement.
  • We assist with the idea, designing, planning, detailing, and installation of your driveway pavers.

Range of Driveway Paver Materials

Your design choices, demands, and budget determine the material you pick for a driveway. Among the several varieties of pavers available are the following:

  • Brick Pavers - Brick pavers are also reasonably popular due to their rustic, old-world appearance. Although brick driveways are easy to maintain and restore, they may cost more than concrete. However, many individuals consider that the form and surface characteristics of brick justify the expense. It merely requires a simple wash with soap water to keep its color and look. If a brick paver fractures, you may quickly repair only that unit.

  • Natural Stone Pavers - These items have existed for a long time and are pretty sturdy and beautiful. They include an interlocking pattern that aids in maintaining their position. You may choose various natural stone pavement options, such as slate, bluestone, sandstone, and travertine.

  • Concrete Pavers - These paver units are available in various colors and are a cost-effective solution for paving a large driveway. Most homeowners favor this material because of its longevity and low maintenance needs. There is a multitude of concrete driveway options. They come in various sizes and colors, making it straightforward to construct unique driveway patterns.

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