Paver Installations in Bethel Park, PA

Paver Installations Bethel Park, PA

Pavers are a quite common material used in outdoor living projects. They are ideal for features such as driveways, pathways, walkways, as well as courtyards, decks, and entryways etc. These units are available in many shapes, sizes, textures, colors, and materials. You can choose from paving stones made of concrete, brick, or natural stone.

Companies like Rolling Hills Landscapes, Inc, serving greater Bethel Park, PA, provide excellent paver installation solutions. They will make sure that the job is completed to industry standards and that the right installation processes are followed at every stage. This goes a long way in ensuring that the pavers do not shift, sink, or become damaged due to the lack of a proper base.

Paver Installation Process

Installing pavers is a specialized job and should always be handled by professionals in the field. These are the steps that they would generally follow:

  • Excavation - The base preparation is the first stage. It is essential to have a stable and well-compacted base on which the pavers will be installed. Depending on the site and the type of sub-grade material, excavation may or may not be required. All the unconsolidated and unsuitable sub-grade material will be excavated to the required depth.

  • Filling and Compacting The Base - Depending on the type of traffic the area will see, the profesionals will determine what the appropriate paver base material will be. Equipment such as vibrating sand compactors will be used to compact and level the base.

  • Installing Bedding Sand - This material will be installed on top of the compacted base and the paver installers will also make sure that it is leveled perfectly.

  • Installing Edge Restraints - It is vital to have paver edge restraints to help eliminate any lateral movement of the paver units and the building materials. These restraints could be made of vinyl or concrete. In some cases, an existing hard edge becomes a suitable edge restraint. These features will be placed before the pavers are placed.

  • Laying the Pavers - Once all the prep work has been completed, the professionals will start laying the pavers on the bedding sand as per the design and pattern approved by you. This stage of the job is completed meticulously, and care is taken to ensure that the compacted sand isn't disturbed in any way.

    Some interlocking concrete pavers may need to be cut & trimmed to ensure that they fit properly into the available space. Equipment such as a masonry saw or even a block cutter may be used in this job.

  • Vibrating the Paver Units - Once all the pavers are in place, a vibrating plate compactor would be used over the surface to start the interlocking process. A single pass helps get the pavers properly into the sand. Some of the sand might also move up between the paver joints too. Depending on the types of pavers, isomeric sand may be spread between the joints.

Best Paver Installation Company

When you keep these aspects in view, you are assured of elegant, weather-resistant features that will last for many years with very little maintenance. It's where our services come into the picture. If you are looking for customized, high-quality hardscaping services, considering there are several steps involved in paver installation, it is important to hire the services of professional paver and retaining wall installers for the job. Companies like Rolling Hills Landscapes, Inc, have the experience, skill, and resources to handle this job to perfection.