Top 5 Paver Applications

Top 5 Paver Applications Pittsburgh, PA

The landscaping on your property is exposed to the elements and the outdoor environment. This also means it has to withstand a significant amount of wear & tear; and so the materials you use in it should be weather-resistant and resilient. This is where pavers become the ideal material for any hardscape feature. Paver stones are versatile, durable, aesthetically appealing, cost-effective, easy to install, and very low in maintenance.

Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc is one of the most noted companies in this field and caters to clients across Pittsburgh, Bethel Park, Moon and Irwin. They have a very solid client base in and around Monroeville, Ross Township, Mt Lebanon, Washington, Wexford and Penn Hills. The different paver solutions they provide are:

Paving Stones

Most property owners like to have gardens and yards that are unique looking and it’s why they opt for materials that are unique too. Paving stones are larger units than the standard pavers and fewer pieces are required to cover larger areas. You can choose from paving made from concrete or natural stone.

Patio Pavers

Your patio becomes the perfect space to entertain friends and spend relaxed moments with your family. This space could be either entirely open-to-the-air or semi-covered and could have an outdoor kitchen on it too. It goes without saying that your patio should be made using high-grade, outdoor materials such as patio pavers.

Concrete Pavers

These are extremely strong, low-maintenance and long-lasting features that are available in umpteen colors, shapes and sizes and you can choose from a range of interlocking ones too. Some concrete paving stones are made to look like natural stone or brick and this means you get the appearance of stone with the strength and low-cost of concrete which is a definite benefit.

Brick Pavers

There is something unbelievably beautiful about brick. It’s a material that’s been used for centuries and still hasn’t lost its charm. Brick paving looks good in contemporary as well as traditional settings. Its sturdy and long-lasting and no you can get brick pavers in various colors apart from the standard rust color.

Paver Stones

When you start looking for paver stones, you will find there are literally dozens of styles, textures, sizes and colors to choose from and this gives you the design flexibility to create the look you want in the outdoor spaces of your home. Many people like to use pavers made of natural stone and you can choose from flagstone, sandstone, bluestone as well as travertine etc.

Driveway Pavers

Your driveway has to bear a significant amount of wear and tear and it sees foot & vehicular traffic. Dirt, debris, the UV rays of the sun and oil stains from parked vehicles are the other things this installation has to deal with. This is why it makes sense to use resilient materials like natural stone driveway pavers for it.

When you are looking for a landscaping company that will provide you high-quality services and complete the project to your satisfaction, within the pre-decided timeframe and budget, it’s best to contact experienced professionals like the ones at Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc for the job.

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