The Benefits of Seat Walls

Seat Walls, Pittsburgh, PA There is a wide variety of choices available when it comes to creating an outdoor living area. Whether you use patio furniture or a fire pit, there are many ways to make your backyard more welcoming. Outdoors, and seat walls are a great way to bring both form and function to this space. Typically constructed around the periphery of a patio or deck, seat walls are low, robust walls built with materials like concrete, stone, or brick.

Let's see how installing seat walls can benefit your outdoor area while giving you a functional and convenient place to sit.


One of the best things about seat walls is how versatile they can be in terms of appearance and use. Whether your outdoor space is contemporary, classic, or rustic, a seat wall may be constructed to fit it perfectly. You can choose from various forms, sizes, and heights to complement your outdoor area perfectly. You can add depth and complexity to your outdoor design by using seat walls in multiple places, such as surrounding a fire pit, along a pathway, or as a boundary between various functional spaces.

Additional Seating

You can use these seating options independently or as an addition to an existing deck or patio. These structures can be practical and comfortable by being constructed to hold cushions and pillows. Unlike patio furniture, which may need to be replaced or stored during the off-season, these sitting options are permanent and seldom need modification or upkeep.


They are a great way to maximize outdoor sitting without taking up too much room. They are constructed around the outside of your home to maximize the usable area without adding more square footage. Smaller outdoor locations with size constraints benefit greatly since seat walls can offer good seating without cluttering the space.


A wall with seating can serve as a sound barrier. You can establish a private and secluded outdoor space by carefully arranging seat walls to block the view of your backyard from nearby homes or streets, creating an intimate setting, great for reading, conversation, or resting.

Structural Support

Seat walls lend functionality and beauty to your outdoor area and are a structural support system. As a practical option for landscaping and hardscaping, they may be built to retain soil, stop erosion, and stabilize slopes. In addition to providing seating, a seat wall may function as a boundary for your outdoor area, keeping people from venturing into other parts of your yard.

Minimal Maintenance

Seat walls are made from long-lasting materials like concrete, stone, or brick, so they endure a long time and need little in the way of upkeep. They can endure different weather conditions and require minimum maintenance compared to patio furniture, which may need to be cleaned, covered, and stored regularly. Because of their durability and longevity in the face of weather and pests, they are an excellent outdoor furniture alternative. As you can see, there are several benefits to installing seating walls in your outdoor living space or landscape. You can Contact proven professionals like the ones at Rolling Hills Landscape for your seat wall installations or call them at 412-885-7049, and they can provide you with superior structures built to last.

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