Aquascapes, Pittsburgh, PA Incorporating a water element is a fantastic way to uplift any property's charm, freshness, and overall value, but it also creates an instant sense of tranquility and relaxation. For residential properties, water features like fountains, waterfalls, or bubbling rocks make beautiful backyard focal points that turn outdoor living spaces into peaceful oases. They provide a calming ambiance for entertaining or unwinding after a long day.

Today, many property owners are interested in aquascape installations. At Rolling Hills Landscape Inc., we stand out with our superior waterscape design and installation services. Our professionalism, specialized solutions, and timely project completion are well-known in Greater Pittsburgh and surrounding cities. We handle waterscape projects of all sizes, from a tranquil pond with a bubbling rock waterfall for a residential backyard oasis to a showstopping commercial water feature for a hotel or office plaza.

What Are Aquascapes?

Aquascapes are all-encompassing water garden ecosystems that combine various elements like ponds, streams, waterfalls, and aquatic plants into one harmonious natural setting. Rather than standalone water features, aquascapes create a living landscape with moving water as the centerpiece. People prefer aquascapes because they provide a more immersive and low-maintenance water experience.

The interconnected systems recirculate and filter water naturally, while the flora and fauna introduce relaxing sights and sounds. Aquascapes allow water lovers to enjoy the full sensory benefits of a self-sustaining water habitat in their outdoor spaces. These tranquil ecosystems provide a garden-like ambiance with the convenience of a single integrated design.

These features appeal to commercial properties and add a luxurious and welcoming vibe to office plazas, hotel/resort landscapes, shopping centers, and more. The versatility of water features allows for endless possibilities in enhancing the aesthetics and ambiance of any space.

How We Plan and Install Aquascapes

We follow these steps in the project:

  • Consultation - We immerse ourselves in understanding your aesthetic preferences and functional needs. But we take it further by envisioning how the aquascape will integrate with your entire landscape, enhancing flow, sight lines, and harmony with the architectural elements. Through this collaborative design process, we co-create an aquatic ecosystem that captures your dreams.

  • Proper Planning - Aquascapes are living, balanced environments - and proper planning is vital. We analyze every aspect of the designated space, from soil content and grading to sun/shade patterns and drainage. It allows us to map out the precise dimensions, water volumes, filtration needs, and habitat requirements for plants and wildlife you wish to include.

  • High-Quality Installation - With plans firmly set, our aquascape artisans take over, professionally installing each component. We sculpt naturalistic ponds, riverbeds, and banks. We carefully integrate eye-catching rockwork, waterfalls, and streambeds. Aquatic plants are hand-selected and positioned in their optimal biological zones. We apply hydraulics and underwater lighting expertise throughout construction to ensure proper circulation and magical night viewing.

  • Final Touches - We aerate the water and monitor all balancing factors so your aquascape thrives and becomes a self-sufficient oasis. By the end, you don't just have a new water feature - you have an immersive naturalized retreat that awakens the senses and coexists harmoniously with the outdoor elements.

Our team's expertise brings your vision to life, using the highest quality materials and proper hydraulic components. For information about our aquascapes, please write to the Rolling Hills Landscapes Inc. team through this Contact Us Form or call us at 412-885-7049..
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